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1. Pure Clear Healthy Mineralized Ionized (Antioxidant) Alkaline water pitcher. BPA-free.
2. High removal of toxic chlorine, polutants and some heavy metals e.g. lead.
3. TWO long-life (2-300L) ionizing filters for healthy choices (Alkaline & Non-alkaline multistage filters)
4. Handy 5 cup space-saving size fits in smaller refrigerator door. Easy to carry and use. Manual.
5. Electronic filter indicator. FDA certification. PLUS BONUS Netstar88 auto pH meter ($18.95)

LIGHTWEIGHT ERGONOMIC SPACE SAVING DESIGN is BPA free and pitcher holds 5 cups of healthy ionized water for portability and convenience. Easy to carry and for table use, unlike the clumsy and heavy 3.5L pitcher size.

PURE ANTI-OXIDANT water for detox or health benefits. Alkaline ionized water filter increases pH by about 2 units from normal tap water. Else use the non alkaline filter for just antioxidant water, mineralized with magnesium etc. (often deficient in modern diets). More effective than normal activated carbon filters

REAL VALUE: Each long-life filter provides approximately 200-300 litres of pure water (depending on your tap water quality) and saves on buying hundreds of plastic water bottles water and the environmental waste.

SPECIAL 5-STAGE FILTER DESIGN: 1-Ion Exchange Resin (Removes heavy metals and toxins, softens water); 2-Active Carbon (removes chlorine and pollutants); 3-Infrared Ceramic (for antioxidant water); 4-Mineral Adding Ceramic (puts back healthy magnesium, iodine etc.); 5-Alkaline Matrix (to increase pH – more alkaline).

NOTE: Non alkaline filter skips stage 5)

WATER CHOICE: it is generally better to cycle alkaline and non-alkaline water. Use alkaline water under medical advice. It is not recommended for young children or in case of pregnancy or medical conditions. Solution? Use the non alkaline filter

INCLUDES BONUS: Free bonus gift of your genuine Netstar88® pre-calibrated pocket auto pH tester meter (pH strips are not accurate for testing alkaline water).

PACKAGE: Contains pitcher, manual, 2 filters (alkaline and non alkaline) for personal water choices. Plus Bonus.


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RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. (NOTE: Bonus gift warranty from NetStar88 customer service – only the pitcher and filters shown on the packing are covered by your Amazon returns policy)

ORDER now so you can enjoy the benefits of pure toxin free antioxidant alkaline water straight from your refrigerator or your dining table.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 14 x 10 x 24 cm

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