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2 Replacement Antioxidant Water Filters NSAP01B for Netstar88® Pitcher NSAP01. Pure healthy ionized mineralized water: Removes chlorine, metals, toxins. TWO Long-life filters (300 liters). BPA-free

  • TWO long-life (2-300L) ionizing multi stage filters for Pure Clear water. BPA-free.
  • High removal of toxic chlorine, polutants and heavy metals e.g. cadmium, copper, lead, etc.
  • Healthy Ionized water. This non alkaline filter suitable for children and long term use
  • Protect your family from toxic chemicals in drinking water and improve water taste
  • Easy screw in replacement designed for NetStar88 Alkaline Water Pitcher NSAP01

PURE ANTI-OXIDANT Non alkaline filter for antioxidant water, mineralized with healthy minerals. More effective than normal activated carbon filters

REAL VALUE: Each long-life filter provides approximately 300 liters of pure water (depending on your tap water quality) and saves on buying hundreds of plastic water bottles water and the environmental waste.

nonalkalinefiltercsSPECIAL 4-STAGE FILTER DESIGN: 1-Ion Exchange Resin (Removes heavy metals and toxins, softens water); 2-Active Carbon (removes chlorine and pollutants); 3-Infrared Ceramic (for antioxidant water); 4-Mineral Adding Ceramic (puts back healthy magnesium, iodine etc.).

WATER CHOICE: it is generally better to cycle alkaline and non-alkaline water. Use alkaline water under medical advice. It is not recommended for young children or in case of pregnancy or medical conditions. Solution? Use THIS non alkaline filter. Alkaline Version also available NetStar88 NSAP01A

PACKAGE: Contains 2 new 300L pitcher replacement filters (non alkaline) for NetStar88 Alkaline Water Pitcher NSAP01. Plus instructions.

RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Got a problem or a question….we respond quickly to make sure that your personal health investment is fully beneficial for you ORDER now so you can enjoy the benefits of pure toxin free antioxidant water straight from your refrigerator or your dining table.


Additional Information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 20 cm

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